Exchange of Goods

What to do if you have chosen a wrong size of clothing or footwear.

To prevent the above situation, we recommend that you choose the right size of clothes and footwear carefully using the size table which can be found on the product main card. If the size is wrong in spite of that, we are ready to help you.

If you need to exchange an item due to its wrong size, you can ask for it by E-mail using our CONTACT FORM or you can send us the respective request in your reply to order confirmation which was sent to you automatically by the system immediately after you had completed of your order in the E-shop. If you use the Contact Form, please do not forget to specify the order number and your name & address so that we can identify you correctly. Based on your request, we will be able to reserve the replacement goods for you.

Please send us the goods to be exchanged in the original packing and attach a copy of the respective invoice you received along with the shipment (and which serves as a receipt). Please write a short request for exchanging the item (the kind of goods, which size should be exchanged for which size or which colour should be exchanged for which colour). The goods to be exchanged should be sent to:

ARMYSHOP CZ s.r.o. Slavíkov - Studýnka 160
549 31 HRONOV
Czech Republic

and we will acknowledge receipt by E-mail.


If the goods have been sent from us in accordance with the order, the postal charges (from the customer to ARMYSHOP) are the responsibility of the customer.

We pay the postal charges (for domestic shipments with the goods to be exchanged) only in such cases where the customer needs to exchange the originally ordered product for the identical one of the nearest size. In other cases we send the replacement goods C.O.D. for the standard postage - the exchanged goods are sent as a commercial parcel door to door.

If you require exchanging a product for a different one with a different price, any possible underpayment including the postal charges shall be settled by sending the product back to you "C.O.D". If there is an overpayment, we will send you the difference to your bank account you provide in the request for exchange.

If you are in a foreign country and if you request us to exchange an item, you will be asked to pay the postal charges in both directions. You will be called on to make the payment of the postal charges as soon as we know the weight of the shipment with the replacement goods (or together with additionally ordered goods if any).

Should you need any further explanation or assistance, feel free to contact us.