Fidelity Programme

It pays to have a customer account with us.

Immediately after a customer account is created, a 2 percent discount is set and assigned to the account. Further discounts depend on the total purchase of goods from any E-shop run by ARMYSHOP.CZ s.r.o., i.e. from,,,

Each of our customers can get some of the following discounts*:
a) 2 % discount immediately after creating the customer account
b) 5 % discount if the total purchase exceeds CZK 10,000.00
c) 8 % discount if the total purchase exceeds CZK 20,000.00
d) 10% discount if the total purchase exceeds CZK 50,000.00

*. This customer discount cannot be further combined with the goods that are included in any other price action.

The total purchase of goods is understood to be the sum of all orders placed (purchases made) per one particular customer account at our selling prices without VAT. The sum does not include cancelled orders or individual items returned.

Transition to a higher level of discount is made automatically and you can check your discount in your customer section at any time after you log in.


You can simply take advantage of your discount by logging in to your account. The prices in the whole E-shop as well the prices in your shopping cart will automatically be reduced* to the level you are entitled to.

* - The permanent customer discount does not apply to the goods that are included in any other price action.

Remark: The goods that were left in your shopping cart after your previous log-out will be automatically added to your shopping cart


Your discount can be utilized in all E-shops run by ARMYSHOP.CZ s.r.o., i.e. in,,, within one purchase and you need not do anything but switch to another E-shop, add any goods into your shopping cart and finish the order in that E-shop in which you currently find yourself. For example: The 10% discount you are entitled to (as a result of your total purchases) in one E-shop, (e.g. in can newly be utilized in any other E-shop run by ARMYSHOP.CZ s.r.o. 


You can log in or create your account either on the homepage header before starting shopping or at the final stage of your shopping process


You can enter the customer section by clicking on your name at any time after you log in:

After you are logged in the customer section, you can:

  • Monitor the level of your discount you have achieved
  • Change your login password
  • Modify your billing or delivering address so that you do not have to fill it in again and again when placing orders
  • Select the option of receiving novelties by E-mail and/or
  • Check the history of your orders