FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions about purchasing from our wbsite? We are happy to answer them.
Before you phone us, try to find your answer in this FAQ section.

Is my registration made on the old website valid even on this new website? How can I register on the new website?
Yes, if you were previously registered in some of our e-shops that are run on the following domains: ARMYSHOP.CZ, SURPLUS,CZ, BRANDIT.CZ and/or CARINTHIASHOP.COM, you can use your registration on our new website as well. To log in, please do not use the chosen log-in data any more. Use your E-mail address you have specified as a communication E-mail in your registration. The password remains unchanged. Should you have forgotten your password, you can ask for it when logging-in using you E-mail.

Must I be registered if I want to purchase?
No, you need not. You can complete the order even without any registration. In the second step of the purchasing process (DELIVERY DATA AND PAYMENT), select PURCHASE WITHOUT REGISTRATION. In this way, however, you will lose all the registered customers' advantages.


What advantages would I have as a registered customer?
The main advantages are getting an immediate 2 percent discount on all purchases made through your registration and being included in our Fidelity Programme in which the discount can increase in future. Moreover, owing to your registration, your purchases will become more comfortable as your delivery data have been filled-in once and for all and are stored in our system. Of course, your delivery data can be updated or otherwise edited at any time during your registration.

Can I cancel my registration at any time?
Yes, according to Par. 3.7 of the applicable Commercial Terms, you can cancel your registration at any time by sending a written notice to the Seller's address using the respective Contact Form.

Do you send your goods to other countries as well?
Yes, we are able to send the goods to many countries in the world. You can see the list of the countries we can send our goods to through the menu on the upper bar of this website: Supposed Place of Delivery.

How to purchase the goods saleable only to persons over 18?
If the goods are marked as "saleable only to persons over 18", they can be sold on the basis of a declaration on word of honour of legal age which is required in the third step of the purchasing process.

Can I return the goods purchased?
Yes, the goods can be returned pursuant to Par. 10 of the applicable Commercial Terms within 14 days without giving any reason.

When will I get my money back?
We will send the money to your bank account as soon as possible, i.e. within 14 days from the date of withdrawal from the contract at the latest but not earlier than on the date of receiving the goods at the sellers address.

How is the period of 14 days counted?
The 14-day period starts to run the day following the day of receiving and accepting the goods at the seller's address. If the period ends at the weekend or on a national holiday, the last day of the period shall be deemed to be the nearest working day following the weekend or the national holiday. If, for example, the last day of the period falls to a Saturday, the money can be returned on the following Monday.

Do I have to return the goods in the original packing?
If you do not have the original packing or if you have already destroyed it, you can return the goods without the original packing. Please pack the goods in such a manner that they cannot be damaged during transportation. If the goods are damaged or if the goods returned have already been used, the seller is entitled to compensation of costs relating to restoring the goods. If the damage to the goods is in such an extent that any restoration is impossible, the cost may reach the amount equivalent to the full price of the goods.

What document(s) shall I submit with the goods returned or complained about?
We recommend you to submit a copy of the delivery note or of the invoice you received with the goods. This document confirms that the goods have been purchased from us and it makes us easier to identify the goods returned. If you have lost this document, you can log-in and print it out again from your customer's account.

Can I exchange the size of clothing?
Yes. If you have not estimated the right size of the clothing, you can exchange it as a matter of course, The respective procedure can be found in the Customer Service Section: Exchange of Goods.

No answer to your question found? Please do not hesitate to call us at our customer support line (+421 491 482386).